Over 530 franchise stores all over China.

The brand of YALIG was created by seeking the sources of renaissance which happened during the end of 13rd century in Europe. YALIG holds the same philosophies of the great renaissance – actualization and humanization. With the growth of kitchen market, YALIG is trying to make your home life better with core ideas of being intelligent and environmental.

YALIG was honored with awards such as “Top 10 Brand of Kitchen Cabinets in China”, “Top 500 Brand of China”, and “Environmental Products in China”. Our manufacturing standards were certificated by ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, OHSAS and CQGC (China Light Industry Products Quality Guarantee Centre).

We bring quality kitchens cabinets, vanities and closets to clients all over the world.

YALIG was founded in 2001 with the mission of bringing the best of the “Made-with-Intelligence” modern kitchen design to China domestic and overseas homes. Our product categories include but not limited to: cabinet combinations, overall wardrobe, closets, kitchen accessories and other types of customizable furniture.

Our company HQ is located in City of Hefei, China, with over 100,000 square meters of warehouse and manufacturing. Now we are constructing the biggest intelligent kitchen cabinet and accessory production base in Eastern China that is integrated by design, manufacturing and logistics.

We technically and creatively move forward.

With inspirations and creativity, YALIG always try to bring the latest ideas and technologies into the business for being leaders of the industry.

Our Philosophies

  • Core Concept: Humanized, intelligent and environmental.
  • Quality Assurance: Quality first.
  • Service Attitudes: Swift, professional and without communication barriers.
  • Operation Principle: Honesty.
  • Talent Concept: Open and practical.



The Company was founded in Hefei, China and established the first professional presenting center for cabinet combinations of YALIG in the city.



Business Model Confirmed

YALIG started the business mode of chain stores in Hefei, which symbolized the start of branding and its affiliation network constructions.


5S Integration

YALIG brought out the idea of “Integrations of Five Services” and blend its customer service into the building of the brand.



Affiliate Program

Affiliation network started to extend to the whole province of Anhui, China.


Trusted Production Quality of Anhui

“Trusted Production Quality of Anhui” awarded. Certificates received from the local consumers’ association.



Environmental Building Material of Anhui Province

Awarded with “Environmental Building Material of Anhui Province”.


Franchise Store Model

The franchise mode for the whole China market was confirmed and the free toll line within China was established.



National Brand of Quality Class AAA

Awarded with “National Brand of Quality Class AAA” in China and positively reviewed by multiple domestic media.


Award Year

Manufacturing standards passed ISO9001 – 2008. Awarded with “Famous Brand in China” and “Environmental Products in China”. In the same year advertising of the brand was executed in local TV stations.



Concept of Intelligent Kitchenware

Awarded with “Top 10 Brand of Kitchen Cabinets in China” and “Top 10 Trusted Brands of Kitchen Cabinets in China”. The upgrade of the brand heading to the concept of “Intelligent Kitchenware” was accomplished.


Top 10 in China

Awarded with “Top 500 Brand of China”“Top 10 Leading Kitchen Cabinet Brand in China” and “Top 10 Brand of Kitchen Cabinets in China” won for the second time. YALIG becomes the leading player in the market segment of intelligent and environmental kitchenware.



CCTV Advertising

Prepared to cooperate with CCTV (China Central Television) for branding.


Partnership with HOMAG GmbH

Imported fully automatic and digital production lines from HOMAG GmbH.



New Production Facility

Production line was moved into the newly built 100,000 square meters workshop.


Branding on CCTV

Branding cooperation with CCTV - 1 and CCTV - 7 (China Central Television), and successfully started the strategic cooperation with CHINA VANKE CO., LTD (SHE:000002).



CRM System Deployed

New self designed and developed Production & Vendition Managing System came into the use of production.


Branding Celebrity Contracted

Accomplished annual sales of USD 15 million and signed Ms. Rainbow Wong as YALIG new brand ambassador.



Brand Upgrade

YALIG started its branding upgrade strategies to improve its brand influence.


Production Facility Upgrade

YALIG started its Step 3 upgrade of the whole production facility, new production facility extensions were completed.



New Production Building Deployed

The new production building #2 was finished and put into production, extended over 30,000 sqaure meters of production area.

Overseas Sales Managers

Meet Our Consultants

Ranble Cheung
Ranble CheungOverseas Sales Director




Jimmy Wong
Jimmy WongOverseas Sales Manager