Cleaning and Maintenance of Counter-tops and Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Cleaning and Maintenance of Counter-tops and Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The maintenance of solid wood kitchen cabinet doors is so important especially during the hot summer seasons, due to muggy climate. Cabinet doors would be out of shape if being affected with damp. So let us see some ideas about how to clean and maintain the doors in case they are deformed.

Cleaning of Counter Tops

  • Keep the counter-tops clean and dry. Try to keep the refractory slabs and counter-tops out of being sank in water for long time. Also be noted that the artificial stones of the counter-tops should be kept away from the decolorized and incrustation of the water to reduce the chances of the stone color loss.
  • Keep the following chemicals away from the counter-tops – metal cleaner, oven cleaner, methylene chloride, acet (like nail oil), strong acid detergent and so on. Once the counter-tops have contact with these chemicals, please wash them out of the tops with plenty of suds. If there is any contact between the counter tops and enamel, please use cleaning detergent without acetone, such as alcohol, to wipe the surface and then wash the tops by water.
  • Do not hit the counter tops with heavy or shape objects. Do not place huge or heavy items on the surface of the counter tops for a long time. Also try not to wash the surface with hot water.
  • By cleaning the surface of counter tops, please use suds or detergents with ammonium hydroxide.
  • For scratches caused by kitchen knives, cauterized or other items, if the counter-top is matte colored, please use 400 to 600 grit abrasive papers to polish the surface and remove the scratches, then clean the surface with detergents. If the counter top is mirror surface, please polish the surface with 800 to 1200 grit abrasive papers first and then burnish with wax or wool polishing laps. For slight scratches, you can choose small amount of edible oil to polish the surface.
  • If the counter-tops are full of scratches and have been used for several years (after 1 or 2 years at least), we do suggest you contacting and hiring some professional cleaners to help with the retreatment or cleaning of the surface.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Solid Wood Cabinet Doors

Please use soft wool dish cloth to scrub the surface of solid wood doors after being sank in the warm water and dried. If deeper cleaning is needed, please only choose mild detergents diluted into warm water. After scrubbing the surface, please use dry clean cloth to remove any water on the doors. This will prevent the existence of water stain and grease on the surface of the doors.

The frequency of solid wood cabinet door cleaning should be around every 2 to 3 months. The maintenance of the doors should be better to be done with special wax. Before waxing please make sure the surface is totally dry. For the solid wood doors with wood grains, please do not let the wax to fill up the grains.