Shopping Guide - Custom-made OR Home-made, which one is more practical?

Shopping Guide - Custom-made OR Home-made, which one is more practical?

Custom-made or home-made (hiring carpenter to build with your own design and preferences) kitchen cabinets, which one is a better solution for your kitchen decoration? Both one stop solution of custom-made kitchen cabinets and home-made ones have their own advantages. Let us analyse their different features by comparing them today.

Function and Design

Normally speaking, functions and design of kitchen cabinets are the most important values of the products. Normal cabinets only have the very basic storage function, but are lack of design considerations about facts such as how easily the items inside can be picked out and set in, as well as the maximum usage of spaces. But products from professional kitchen cabinet producers, always have better performance within such details of design. For instance, kitchen sinks and cookware are designed to be embedded in, and all drawers are designed to have sliding rails. All such details were considered to make the cabinets and accessories user friendly.


Home-made kitchen cabinets are normally made of with plates and hardware fittings with normal quality, which you can just purchase from the markets. These materials can not resist corrosion caused by the wetness, high temperature and other corrosive items in the kitchen. instead, custom-made kitchen cabinets by professional manufacturers normally choose high class fireproof plates which are difficult to be damaged but easy to clean. So this type of products can be brand new by changing the whole set of interface of the cabinets after few years.

Production Techniques

Normally it will take you more time to receive the final products from carpenters after the order is made. Handy work is slower in the speed of production but also in accuracy. Custom-made kitchen cabinets by professional factories are always produced with manufacturing standards and high production techniques. Fully automatic production lines make sure the final products are elegant and accurate.


Custom-made whole set of kitchen cabinets solutions include not only the kitchen furniture but also combined with other kitchen electrical products such as cookware, sinks and smoke exhaust system. Other appliances such as fridges, microwave ovens, baking ovens and dishwashers can also be designed to have their particular positions. So the safety of these products can be ensured with better considered design of the kitchen cabinets made by professional producers.


This is the what the home-made kitchen cabinets are good at. The cost of producing such products by carpenters can be comparatively low. However, you will need to purchase the materials or accessories from different vendors to make them into the whole set of final kitchen furniture. But with one stop solution of custom-made kitchen cabinets, the producer can combine different products easily for you to choose. That will reduce the time and cost for your own picking up other kitchen items that may be needed.


Basically no after sales services for home-made products as people always know. But for custom-made products by manufacturers, you will have at least 1 or 2 years of quality guarantee.

Product Lifetime

A good quality custom-made kitchen cabinets normally have a lifetime of 8 years or longer. They can be easily moved or re-arranged as well. But home-made products by carpenters, they are normally produced even in your kitchen, which means they can not be re-combined for other spaces or rooms.

So now we are sure you have already had the idea in your mind, for the decision of either choosing home-made or custom-made kitchen cabinets.